Container Drayage and Trucking

Over 2.8 Million miles driven a year, backed by a dedicated safety team, in-house fleet mechanics, and a large support staff of dispatchers, client service professionals, and billing specialists Midwest Systems has the abilities needed to service the Mid-America. Our large, growing, diverse fleet of trucks and company-owned chassis makes Midwest Systems one of the largest Intermoal Freight and drayage providers in the STL market. New clients consistently find our ability to service their needs to and from rail locations, night and weekend shipments, in combination with our electronic dispatch, GPS tracking, and real-time information provides a client and end-user experience that exceeds their expectations.

Intermodal Drayage

We provide daily service to all major Rails in St. Louis, MO.  We move more than 500+ containers per week to and from Missouri,  Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and Ohio markets. Whether it is exports to support local manufacturing or imports that traverse the US every day. We serve businesses small and large throughout the Midwest, truly moving the world for our clients.


With 110 chassis and 55+ trucks company owned equipment, we have the ability to move your cargo. Our variety of equipment which includes six and four pin chassis, with three, and two axle combinations and tank chassis, allows us the flexibility and the ability to haul all sorts of freight everyday. All of which helps reduce bare chassis miles and contributes to our constant goal of providing the best possible value to our clients.

Technology & Dispatch

As with all businesses, it is important to keep up with changing needs, desires, and abilities. Midwest Systems offers a variety of technological benefits to our clients. Including the ability to get real-time information about their shipments, digital dispatch, EDI capability, document imaging, and electronic invoicing. This all serves to keep our clients connected to their shipments and provides a window into an important stage in their supply chain.

Safety & Training

Safety always comes first whether on the road, at the Rail, or in the yards of our clients. Our company drivers undergo extensive safety training covering all aspects of the operation of their vehicle and working a field. Including training in security and compliance.  Our client and driver safety is always at the top of our list and always comes first.

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